On-Demand Doctor Service Website
Project Description
DocOnTheGo is a fictitious on-demand service that allows users to book doctors to come to their location. This service operates off a website that allows users to create an account, view a range of available doctors and book them.
Design Overview
For the design of this website, I experimented with a double-sided layout which not only created an interesting and unique interface but allows more visual elements to appear on screen specifically for the desktop user as more space is utilised. The colour scheme is made up predominantly from monochromatic blues which appears trustworthy and reliable. The use of an orange colour for buttons and actions complement the blues and allows these elements to standout against the rest.
Functionality Overview
Entity Relationship Diagram of the Website's Database
This website is made using the Django web framework that runs off the Python programming language to create the database and accounts system. Django uses the Model-View-Controller Framework that divides up everything into three different components that include the database as the “Model”, the user interface from HTML as the “View” and the Python programming as the “Controller”. All these components work together to make both the front and back end of the website work harmoniously. When a user books an appointment with a doctor, the schedule is altered in the back-end adding on the appointment length to that particular doctor’s wait time. The database holds both doctor and user information which is called upon for the individual doctor pages, user settings and the appointment booking page. For this project, I focussed primarily on the front-end which consisted of the design through HTML and CSS.