Find A Spot
Futuristic Carpark Booking Application Concept
Project Description
Find A Spot is a mobile application concept based off a futuristic service for booking and scheduling car parking spots. The idea was conceptualised from frustration with finding car parks with imagining a modern solution that feels similar to ordering a taxi or using other on-demand services. Users of this application can view and instantly book nearby available car parks, schedule car parks for a later time and save favourites for quick scheduling. For the service to work, technology advancements and changes to car parks would need to occur to allow for detecting car parking availability and saving booked parking spots. The application features a modern design that is responsive across a wide range of mobile devices.
Design Overview
The application is in the form of an interactive website that works in both a mobile and desktop view. When viewed on a mobile device, the content fits the entire screen while on desktop, the content is fitted inside a container to mimic a smartphone. The main menu screen features a map at the forefront, so users are able to start looking for nearby car parks based on location. The swipe-able menu conveniently hides and allows for a full and unobstructed view of the map. The menu consists of four different sections which include:
This button utilises the application’s name to highlight its purpose and while not operational in the concept, would find the nearest car park to the user’s current location and allow them to book it instantly.
The scheduling portion for the application is the most functional in the concept. The process consists of inputting the date, the location (limited to two locations on the website) and length. The application then simulates the booking process by altering the main menu to show the current booking allowing for multiple options such as navigational information, settings for extending and the ability to cancel the scheduled parking spot. Only the booking cancelling button works in this concept which takes the user back to the main menu.
When users schedule a parking spot in the “Schedule” section, the confirmation page provides the option to add to a favourites sections. This functionality is beneficial for users who want to quickly book parking spots at frequent places and allows for instant booking for within this section. An auto-book feature is also present, and while it doesn’t work due to technical constraints, it does simulate the activation process. This feature would be useful for users who regularly go to the same spots where they can be allocated a spot based on a saved favourite and get notified without needing to do anything.
This section, while not functional in the application, would give an overview of nearby available car parking complexes and spots.
Functionality Overview
Hours and Cost Circles from "Schedule" Section
This website utilises HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery to simulate a working mobile application. To keep it operating on one page, JavaScript is used to move between sections and content. It is also used for animations such as the hours and cost amount counting and for transferring information between the “Schedule” section to create a realistic-looking booking. As this is primarily a concept, most features are not functional specifically the map, which is only a Google Maps iFrame provided purely for aesthetics.