Macs4U Reconditioned
Secondhand Computer Advertisement Website
Project Description
Macs4U Reconditioned is a second-hand computer advertisement website used t o advertise refurbished Apple computers by the Macs4U store in Midland, Western Australia. It showcases all available machines and allows visitors to browse specifications, see images, enquire and purchase reconditioned computers. The site features a back-end that enables devices to be inputted in to be displayed on the website. For this project, I focussed on the front-end design.
Design Overview
The website's design was inspired by real advertisement noticeboards where you can see an overview of all advertisements in one single place. This idea was reproduced to fit a modern digital interface context through a grid system that adjusts its size to fit the visitor’s screen size, including a mobile device. Each computer advertisement box highlights key information such as the model, screen size, three key specs and the price tag. These details provide the visitor with enough information to decide whether the machine is suitable for them to look at. The “View” button moves to a separate page which features all the specifications and allows the computer to be purchased if the listing provides online purchasing through PayPal. The colour scheme matches the Macs-4-U branding, which features red combined with subtle whites and greys for website boxes and elements.
Functionality Overview
Graphical Representation of Back-end Framework
The Reconditioned Macs4U design has been created exclusively with HTML and CSS. The entire website runs off a Django framework for the back-end, allowing computers to be added, removed, and altered. As the machines will only fit under the Apple Mac line-up (e.g. MacBook Pro, iMac etc.), the back-end features many templates for each model that include the correct relevant image. In addition, other specifications can either be added or selected from a pre-existing list. The website is also connected through the PayPal API to handle payments securely if a machine is purchased online.